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The "It's All About Relationships" Workshop is coming back this summer. Dates are below. If you haven't attended...I encourage you to grab a girlfriend and come to one. They are FREE!!!! And you will leave with a new insight on relationships.

We were created to be in relationship with God first. Because He loved us first. 

Let's learn how to be in good relationships with others. Not just boyfriend/girlfriend relationships or husband/wife relationships. But parent/child relationships, sibling relationships, family relationships, peer relationships, work relationships, etc.

God is calling us to be in better relationships with each other.


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It's a quick read with great information on 4 lessons you can learn from Eve.

Although her story is over 2,000 years old...the bible and her story can still be applied to your life today!

Just Wanna Live Right, Inc is a nonprofit organization that provides relationship, life skills and faith-based informational workshops in and around the Boston area.  We advocate better decision making, healthy relationships and responsible life choices.

We are also mobile.... Instead of a Girl's Night Out, have a Girl's Night In and let's have the conversation.

When you make God-led decisions, it will positively affect ALL other areas of your life.  It creates order.

Stay Blessed

Ms. Taz

We have a vendor table at the Codman Square Farmers Market on Saturdays in Dorchester, Ma this Summer!!!

Every Saturday starting June 18, 2016...from 10am to 3pm!


Upcoming events...


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